Your Prescription for Animal Health

Respond BEFORE disease hits!

Medgene Labs is breaking the paradigms of heard health management via its powerful animal health service ISPRIME.

The name is telling – “IS” stands for “Immunological Services.”  Immunological, of course, refers to the scientific study of the immune system and the application of research and carefully acquired data.  Vaccines are a terrific result.  Services, in this case, refers to a relationship between the scientist, producer and the veterinarian professionals involved in animal health.

 “Prime” refers to the fact that ISPRIME is a valuable immunological service reserved for a community of livestock producers.  Using technologies and methods developed by Medgene Labs,  effective vaccines are created with extraordinary precision and speed.  These vaccines are then deployed precisely where they’re needed through the producer’s veterinarian – hence the slogan, “Your Prescription for Animal Health.”

Have a look at the graphic below for a description of how ISPRIME works.

When an outbreak occurs within a herd, even if there is a specific concern, the disease pathogen is identified. Next, the pathogen’s DNA is sequenced and analyzed against Medgene Labs’ dynamic database of disease genetics.  Once the herd-specific disease is known, a vaccine is made using a USDA-licensed platform.  In the past, the process of creating vaccines took years.  Yet now, through Medgene’s use of technology and bioinformatics, the time required to research and produce vaccines is substantially reduced!

Years of vaccine development can now be reduced to mere weeks, saving time, energy, money and most important, the health of the herd. This custom vaccine is then commercially produced and distributed as herd-ready doses to an ISPRIME-affiliated veterinarian.

In addition, the benefit of ISPRIME does not stop at the affected herd.   Remember—ISPRIME is designed to serve a community of like-minded producers and veterinarians.  Therefore, the knowledge of the ISPRIME community builds yet another barrier to the spread of disease to other herds.

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