Deer Farms Sought for EHDV2 Vaccine Study


Deer farmers sought to participate in important EHDV2 vaccine study

Vaccine manufacturer Medgene Labs is seeking deer farms to participate in a vaccine study trial for Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease Virus (EHDV) 2.  The purpose of the study is to provide supporting data for expectation of efficacy and safety of a vaccine to address EHDV2.*  The goal of the study is to accelerate licensing of a safe, effective EHDV2 vaccine.

This study will also help with development of vaccines for EHDV1 and EHDV6 along with vaccines for Bluetongue Virus serotypes.

Depending upon the location of the deer herd, The UF IFAS Cervidae Health Research Initiative (CHeRI) will be playing an evaluative role in the study, qualifying deer farmers and evaluating outcomes.

Study process:

1) Interested deer farmers must contact Medgene Labs directly per contact listed below.  The study will be partitioned into two groups: Florida Farmers and Non-Florida Farmers.

2) Once selected, Medgene Labs will provide deer farmers the vaccine and administration instructions.

3) CHeRI will follow up with Florida-based trial participants via phone calls to check on the health of animals.

4) Farmers will agree to participate in research protocol that will be managed by CHeRI and/or Medgene Labs.  For Florida-based farmers, CHeRI will be providing support visits, including, when necessary, necropsies.

5) Results will be shared through CHeRI and NADeFA.

This study will begin soon—if you are interested, do not delay.

Contact Ashley Swanhorst at Medgene Labs (1-605-692-1268) or to request sign-up for the study.

*The EHDV2 vaccine provided as part of this study will not protect against EHDV1 or EHDV6.