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Medgene Labs provides livestock producers and their veterinarians with highly targeted vaccines and immunological services.  Headquartered in Brookings, South Dakota, the company is located in one of the country’s leading livestock production centers; there’s no better place to launch products and services that are improving the animal health industry!

Medgene Labs is the first and only animal vaccine production facility in South Dakota to be licensed by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). Medgene is recognized internationally and has been awarded research grants from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) for production of vaccines against Foreign Animal Diseases (FAD).

Medgene Labs employs a team of highly trained and expert professionals who specialize in research, development and vaccine production.

POSITION OPENING – June 18, 2020

Position Title:  Molecular Biologist

Position Class: Senior Scientist, Level VI

Medgene Labs helps veterinarians and producers protect livestock with precisely constructed immunological products and services. Applying a strategy of continual diagnostic surveillance and data analytics to the practice of immunology, creating vaccines for the disease-at-hand quicker and more precisely than previously possible. Medgene Labs has a single mission: To be a world-class Immunological Services Provider™ for leading livestock producers and their veterinarians.

Application Deadline: Until Filled

To apply for this position, send a current resume and cover letter to, or send a hard copy to:  VST LLC dba Medgene Labs, 1006 32nd Ave., Suite 104, Brookings, SD 57006. 

  1. Purpose:  

Medgene Labs is seeking an experienced Molecular Biologist to join our growing team and help fully develop our construct bank for viral and bacterial expressed proteins. The candidate will serve as a core team and technical leader, providing molecular engineering expertise. Primary focus will be to manage sequence databases and create custom reports utilizing bioinformatics for individual customers. 

  1. Distinguishing Feature:

The Molecular Biologist is responsible for oversight of the Construct Team and development. Will work closely with diagnostic lab reports and Immunological Services for sequence analysis and tracking of disease within individual locations. Must have a strong background in molecular and immunological assays, protein production and optimization, bioinformatics, the ability to train and supervise employees, and project management. Coordination and cooperation with Immunological Services, Production, and Quality Assurance departments are essential. The position requires independent judgement and interpretation under the direct supervisor. 

  1. Functions:
  1. Perform and/or oversee sequencing process and analyze sequence data using various bioinformatics software and prepare reports for internal and external customers
  2. Assist in the team’s molecular cloning efforts by applying molecular biology techniques
  3. Characterization of vaccine candidates by performing molecular biology techniques
  4. Operate and maintain laboratory and experimental equipment
  5. Work collaboratively with other team members to accomplish project goals and milestones.
  6. Track and document results with Official Documents and Laboratory Notebooks
  7. Creating the conditions for increasing productivity by analyzing and improving existing processes
  8. Planning and organizing of processes as well as providing guidance and training to staff through instructions and SOPs
    1. Works autonomously, consults with and updates supervisor
    2. Leads and proactively collaborates within and across disciplines and functions, as applicable
  9. Monitoring Compliance with aseptic procedures and cleaning schedules as well as occupational health and safety regulations 
    1. Ensuring a culture of safety for all employees at VST/Medgene 
  10. Performs other work as assigned
  1. Reporting Relationships:

Typically reports to the Chief Scientific Officer or R&D Lead, and may provide work direction to Construct Scientists, Associates, Technicians, and/or students or other staff assigned to the laboratory. 

  1. Challenges and Problems:

Challenges include performing within established timelines, maintaining accuracy, and consistency due to variance in constructs. Keeping of detailed records will be an absolute necessity, subject to Audit by the Regulatory and Compliance Officer and Operations Manager. 

Problems include potential weekend and off-hours work. 

  1. Decision-Making Authority

Decisions include development of specific assays, interpretation of data and communication to appropriate department; work assignments of junior staff; what supplies to order; safety and accuracy of equipment; the identity of reference reagents and tests; sources of testing problems; when to contact supervisors or clients for assistance; whether to call service for a piece of equipment; informing clients and management of status of vaccine serials.  

  1. Contact with Others:

Daily contact with junior technicians, additional staff of VST/Medgene.   Occasionally contact with clients during project initiation and completion.  

  1. Working Conditions:

Potential for exposure to human and animal pathogens, including blood-borne pathogens.  Exposure to infectious agents, dangerous chemicals, high-voltage equipment, toxic fumes, high-pressure steam, temperature extremes, and potential mutagens.  

  1. Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

Knowledge of:

  1. The methods and techniques of bacterial, viral, mammalian and insect cell culture
  2. Baculovirus expression vectors and protein production
  3. Molecular techniques including transfections, cloning, DNA/RNA extraction and PCR, restriction enzyme digestion
  4. Experience with molecular biology software and ability to design DNA constructs with desired properties requested
  5. Common biochemical and immunological techniques, including SDS-PAGE, UV/Vis spectroscopy, ELISA and western blotting 
  6. Laboratory quality controls procedures and appropriate statistical methods

Ability to:

  1. Perform various cell culture growth methods, tests, and analyses
  2. Follow specific procedures
  3. Work safely with infectious materials and specimens
  4. Operate scientific equipment and computers
  5. Write detailed SOPs and protocols
  6. Identify reference materials
  7. Establish and maintain effective working relationships with others
  8. Perform various tests, adapt techniques as required, and perform complex computations
  9. Prepare scientifically accurate and thorough reports 
  1. Medgene Core Competencies
  1. Accountability and level of Impact
    1. Project leader
    2. Plans and leads completion of project work with team
    3. May be a cross-functional and/ or multi-disciplinary project team member
    4. Works autonomously; manages resources; consults with and updates supervisor
  2. Technical/Functional Expertise & Application
    1. With a multi-disciplinary perspective, applies in depth knowledge of complex scientific principles and technologies  
    2. Modifies existing processes, procedures and technologies, or develops new ones, as needed  
    3. Provides technical expertise and consultation across disciplines
    4. Builds a basic understanding of the Medgene business and animal health industry; applies to serving customer needs
    5. Recognizes major competitors in the market
  3. Problem Solving and Innovation
    1. Applies methodology, creativity, and risk/ benefit analysis to generate ideas, and/or resolve complex multi-disciplinary project problems, in an ambiguous environment
  4. Communication, Collaboration, and People Influence
    1. Leads and proactively collaborates within and across disciplines and functions, as applicable
    2. May have interaction with external organizations, e. g., Regulatory Bodies, Research & Educational Institutions, Vet/Science Associations, etc.  

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