Medgene Labs to Exhibit at World Pork Expo with Prairie AquaTech

Medgene Labs, LLC, a distinguished Immunological Services Provider™ along with Prairie AquaTech, producer of ME-PRO® are pleased to announce their joint trade show participation at the World Pork Expo held at the Iowa State Fairgrounds in Des Moines, Iowa from June 9 -11, 2021. 

Maintaining healthy animals on your farm requires a multi-prong approach towards your herds’ health and well-being. Medgene Labs and Prairie AquaTech have partnered for a joint solution to provide state-of-the-art vaccines along with high quality nutritional ingredients to optimize the health of your animals.  

Medgene Labs is a leader in the new field of prescription vaccines. As an Immunological Services Provider™, they monitor the production environment for new viruses, maintain and update their virus sequence and vaccine construct bank to rapidly counter production health risks, and serologically monitor vaccinated animals for effectiveness. 

Prairie AquaTech has designed their flagship protein ingredient, ME-PRO® for maximum versatility in young terrestrial and aquatic species. Using a precise fermentation process, the protein content and amino acid profile of plant-based proteins are improved while removing anti-nutritional factors that impede growth and development. 

The Expo, held since 1988, draws over 20,000 professionals in the pork industry and is the world’s largest pork-specific trade show.  Admission is only $10 with advance registration, includes over 20 educational seminars, and is sponsored by the National Pork Producers Council.  Learn more and register at

Visit their booth #V737, in the Varied Industries Building, to learn more about Medgene Labs’ Prescription Products and Autogenous Bacterins that are customized for your specific herd needs as well as Prairie AquaTech’s high quality, high protein, plant-based ingredient, ME-PRO.  Learn more about Prairie AquaTech at